Monday, July 2, 2007

For the last month and a half...

...the kids continue to grow. Michael had kindergarten screening and said some very funny things to the teacher.

When asked, "what do you like to do?" He answered, "play with my friends." When asked, "What do you like to do inside?" He answered, "watch TV." Then, (and I don't know why the guy asked this, but he did) when asked, "What do you like to do outside?" Michael looked at him sideways and said, "I already told you play with my friends, don't you remember?"

Another skilled task was to list as many animals out loud as he could while the guy timed him. His list included, "white tigers, orange tigers, dinosaurs, red wolf, lions, elephants, penguins..." everything from our trip to the zoo, basically. (well except for the dinosaurs) He completely left out pig, cow, chicken, horse, sheep, goat, cat, dog - you know, the basics.

Rachel is very close to walking. She can walk while only holding on to one grown up finger. She enjoys cruising around in the boat, along furniture and getting up under the table.