Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Rachel and I were eating yogurt for dessert. I asked her, "how is it?"
"no, cool!"
"no, good!"
"no, GREAT!"
Was her answer.

Nothing is for free

Michael had a friend coming over on Saturday. He decided to make the friend and himself matching Ben 10 watches.

They played well together all afternoon.

When his friend's mother was picking him up, the friend showed his mom the watch, saying that Michael had made it for him. She said that is was very nice. She extended an invitation to Michael to come over and play some day.

To my horror, Michael said, "ok, make something for me before I come over!"


For some reason, my 2-year-old cares a lot about money. She will hold a coin tightly in her little fist for HOURS. She once held a coin through a bath, though toweling dry and until I noticed that she was having trouble putting on pj's. She's taken money to bed with her and looking for it is the first thing she does when she wakes up.

This might not seem so strange if money was a regular topic of conversation in our home. Or if my husband and I actually carried cash and paid for things with it (debit cards). Or if she had a piggy bank and we were encouraging her to save.

Could it be that Mr. Crabs, Sponge Bob's stingy boss, has taught her this?!


Yes, it happened, THE tooth came out! It was on Monday, November 3rd. We'd been working on it for a good week. Occassionally Michael would bite down on something and it would jab into his gums. He would shreek how awful having a wiggly tooth was and how unfair life was that he had to have one. "There should be no such thing as a wiggly tooth!"

"To give away..."

This was the title of an e-mail I received from a great friend. The first line said, "I have a friend who would like to give away an organ that he has." And, for some reason I thought she was talking about a body part. That would be strange, right?