Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I finally let Michael open the Nerf 6-shooters he got for Christmas, with the intent that they would be used outside. Well, I caved, of course, and he was shooting from Rachel's jumpy horse at the wall. He kept saying, "I trempilized your wall" and "yup, your wall is trempilized" I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he meant. Then he said, "...just like a trempilizer gun."

Ah, tranquilize. Good thing, because that wall was getting way out of control!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Rachel has started to ask for this or that; shoes, pizza, binky, blanky, the usual stuff. Sometimes I'll reply, "you don't need it." I think she's had enough of that and she'll come back very emphatically, "I NEED IT SHOES!" (or whatever she asked for)

New cars and sticks

What is it about new vehicles that attracts sticks and kids on bikes? Chris said he caught Michael with a stick touching the new vehicle. When he asked (and not so calmly) WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Michael replied, I'm trying to get the dirt off of it.

Then later, after I told him not to try to ride his bike between the cars, he did it anyway and crashed right into the bumper of the new Jeep.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Boots

I couldn't resist! I went to Cowen's Country Store to get Dad some wool socks for his birthday (HE ASKED FOR THEM!). They had these and a pair of light blue with dragonflies, lily pads and frogs. She tried them all on and we went with the pink plaid with tulips on the side. She LOVES them and struts around the house in them.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

changing vehicles


We always think going into a vehicle deal that we are going to pay it off and own it for a while. It just NEVER works that way. In the past 15 years, the two of us have had a combined total of 11 vehicles. This will be our 12th. Chris is really happy with his decision, after he got over the fact that we had to trade. It's new, with good warranties, and we didn't take it out for more than 5 years, so

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

don't have any, don't need any

especially if there are 6 rules when you do have some...


Michael and I were discussing options for lunch while we were running errands Saturday morning. He suggested Ramen noodles. Thinking out loud, I asked, "do we have any of those at home?"

Michael answered my thought with, "I do NOT know. You and Dad keep track of the food."


On the ride to Rachel's babysitter in the mornings, we've occassionally had to stop at Wal-mart for something.

So, Monday we were riding along and Rachel asked, "go Shopping?"
"No, Rachel, we don't have to go shopping this morning," I replied.
"I NEED go SHOPPING!" She insisted.

What have I done?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Favorite Breakfast

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, Michael asks me to make his favorite breakfast... Chocolate chip pancakes. I'm usually not in the mood to cook and would prefer him to have cereal, or something less involved, but I usually concede and cook them. The only thing really special about them is the chocolate. and it doesn't take very many to make it a good pancake. The chocolate gets all melted and then when I cut them up, it spreads to the other pieces. So, we're having chocolate chip pancakes today. he's on his 5th and 6th one right now.

Got a cold...

I can think of very few people who have been freed from suffering a bad cold. As I talk to people about it, I can almost trace it's path. Chris had it last weekend. It knocked him out of commission for the whole weekend. I haven't been hit as badly. I have the general stuffed nose, sneezying, coughing stuff. I can't hear as well, which makes me ask, "What?" frequently. I sound like I'm talking with my nose plugged (duh, it's totally plugged). It's funny to watch people come into a meeting and sit down, then when I cough (and I cough into my elbow like Michael taught me from Kindergarten), they get up and move, or at least move their chair a few inches away.