Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big words for a 4-year-old

Michael was riding his bike on the porch and I was telling him that we should probably take the training wheels off this summer. He gave me a coy look and said, "I'm apprehensive." I, in shock at the large word, started laughing. He said, "that means nervous." He said he heard it on The Upside Down Show.

I love The Upside Down Show! http://www.noggin.com/shows/upsidedown.php

A word that he doesn't quite get right... "Mom, you're bespiculous." Huh? "You know, Daffy Duck says, 'That's bespiculous.'"

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Michele said...

That is sooooo awesome! Michaela asked what aprehensive ment and I told her to read the whole thing.. tell Michael he taught his cousin something.