Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No choice but to clean...

God has his ways of getting me to clean my house.

Generally, I'm not very good at it; I don't care for the real cleaning. I tighty up. I move stuff around. I Swiffer.

Well, I had no choice tonight. Rachel pooped in the tub. That is pretty much a sign that it's time to CLEAN IT! While I was doing the tub, I might as well clean the whole bathroom. Come over to visit soon.

And, then, as I'm fuming and trying to accept that this had to be and I'd better just get over it, Michael skipped into the kitchen with just enough milk in his cup that he didn't notice and it splashed ALL OVER. So, now the kitchen floor has been mopped.

I started apologizing to God for grumbling about his ways. And, then Michael spilled more milk over where I'd just mopped. I GET IT! I mopped the second time very apologetic and trying to see the irony in the whole cleaning the house thing.

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