Monday, March 16, 2009

PeePee Power

Rachel decided that she wanted to wear underware one day in late January. Her potty training developed on a pretty good path. A couple of accidents along the way. When I was pretty sure that we could make it 25 minutes from work to home or home to work, I stopped putting the "traveling diaper" on. She was very good to tell me, "Mommy, I have to go peepee." The problem was that I wasn't sure how much control she had and how much time she'd given me to get her to a toilet.

I would find myself frantically calculating how much longer to the nearest gas station; did I know anyone along the route that would be home for a potty stop? Should I chance that she could hold it to our final destination?

A couple of times we stopped at a Stewart's gas station on the corner. After a couple of true stops, I noticed that her "I have to go peepees" would suddenly pop up when we were in sight of the Stewarts. Not wanting to be the parent who made her daughter pee in the car because I didn't trust her. We always stopped, rushed in, took off the snowsuit (yeah, winter) only to find out, "no peepee, mommy."

After one of these stops, I came out of the station to find my Pastor getting gas. He asked what we were doing (or something to that effect). I said, without really thinking it through very well, "Rachel was testing her PeePee Power."

Ah, what a parent will do when they hear the words, "I have to go PeePee!"

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