Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In high school... I wore pumps. Not often, but I had a black pair and a white pair. Never wore the white pair before Easter or after Labor Day.

After my babies... I used a pump. I invested some money in a good double-breasted electric. I got a lot of use out of it. It traveled back and forth to work with me. I hate the thought of parting with it... someday.

At work I have to know about pitch pumps... Have to know that the relief valve is not supposed to be used to regulate the pump speed. The relief valve is a safety device to let out pressure build up. I have to know that pump parts are not easy to come by, for some reason. Our pump life is relatively short compared to what it should be. Downtime associated with a pump failure is bad. This is probably the most emotional situation of all the pumps I've ever had to deal with.

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