Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Flies

Rachel is 1-1/2 years old now. She talks pretty well and is starting to combine words: go way dog (from the sitter's house), c'mon Bubba (as she's being buckled into car seat and he is still playing outside), I SIT! (when she wants to side BESIDE me instead of on my lap), wollwit wollwit (from patty cake), come back.

As we're driving to the sitter's in the morning, she'll ask, "where's Dadda?" to which I answer where ever he happens to be, she'll say, "oh. Where's Bubba?"

She's a dancer. Any music makes her move; in the car, in front of the TV, anywhere. When it's the SpongeBob theme song, she drops what she's doing and comes running.

Michael is 5. Sometimes he thinks he knows everything. He's quite stylish. Has finally, after 3 years, started wearing jeans again. I thought he would be stuck in wind pants forever. Not sure what made him change his mind, but I'm glad he's switched up his wardrobe a bit. It's great to see the development through kindergarten. He's recognizing letters, both upper and lower case, and is trying to sound out words. He can count to twenty and usually gets 13 in the right spot.

They both love to color. Rachel will ask "colur?" whenever she sees the crayon tin. Her favorite part of coloring is dumping out the crayons.

Michael is getting good at staying in the lines.

They keep us busy!

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Rutschow said...

Yup... She REALLY looks like you did. Super cute.