Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glove Power

Michael was distraught Friday at the thought of having to wear his gloves to school again since they were ripped. "People will laugh."

It's no use explanning to him that we don't care what people think, and they won't laugh because of a little rip and all that stuff. Besides, his gloves REEK! I don't know if it is the material, or that they've been wet and sweaty, but they are down right gross.

So we dig through the end of winter sale gloves and find a pair. After a couple of errand stops, he was getting into the van and said, "these glove give me the POWER! Did you see how I opened that door? You should get a pair like these so you can have the Power, too."

If only gloves really did that.

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Rutschow said...

Totally understand. Kid's are awesome.