Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'm getting myself all in a lather about the lack of involvement in PTSA (parent teacher student association). I couldn't make any of the fall meetings and when I did go to the first one of this semester, I was the 5th person there. THAT'S IT! 5 people at a PTSA meeting. Our district has about 1200 students K-12. 5 people!!!

On top of that, our teachers have worked without a contract for 4 years! 4 YEARS!

I keep hearing rumors about the BOE meetings where they are making all these decisions and no one is attending to question them. So a bunch of us mothers are headed to the PTSA meeting and the BOE meeting this week. The agenda that the BOE posted online is recommending eliminating 5 teaching positions and dropping a 6th to part time! 5-1/2 teaching positions in one meeting!!!

So, wish me luck, and I'm open to any and all advice if you've been PTSA or BOE active attendees.

(man, I'm so wound up right now I don't think I'll be able to go to sleep... time for a glass of

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