Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PTSA & BOE, cont...

So, there were more attendees at the PTSA meeting. I roped one of Michael's classmate's mom into coming and she said she will remain active. YEAH!

I went to the BOE meeting last night. The teachers were there in force and were excited to see community members. The meeting room was very under utilized. The board was around a bunch of tables in the form of a square taking up about 66% of the room (wide open hole in the middle of the square). They had about 30 chairs for visitors. There had to be close to 100 visitors, so people stood for close to 2 hours during the meeting.

Is it odd that the board goes into closed executive session as the first agenda item? It might be standard for BOE to do that in all schools. I just think it is rude to publish the meeting time then kick everyone out for 30 minutes. And make them wait.

The room was HOT! No air flow. And the one window that was open about 5 inches was closed about 1-hour into the meeting by a frail guy on the board. I almost yelled out to make him open it again.

So, they did cut the 5-1/2 positions saying that it was due to a declining enrollment (didn't really see a compelling case from the chart), extremely high tax levy increase if they didn't (16.8% vs. 5%), and having to balance due to 5/8 of the last year running in the red.

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